Become a member

As a member, I commit to:

  1. Abide by the human rights principles of accountability, equity, participation, transparency, and universality in my work with the organization.
  2. Actively participate in the work of the organization by:
    – Joining a local organizing committee or attending local meetings, if possible
    – Joining the monthly statewide membership call
    – Contribute to the blog or newsletter
    – Support campaign activity (actions, petitions, etc.)
  3. Hold a basic base building practice of:
    – Meeting one on one each month with a PPF member and a potential member of the organization
    – Supporting the base building team’s outreach activities (tabling, door knocking, etc.)

Fill out the form below and press the submit button to enter your payment info and become a dues-paying member of Put People First! PA! We use a simple and secure service called Stripe to process credit cards. If you want to become a member, but can’t pay dues electronically, email and we can figure something out together. You can email if you run into any trouble at all.

Membership dues are tax-deductible.