Text and video by Krissy Mahan

HB1885 seeks to divide the people of Pennsylvania. There are 32 Counties in PA that have some type of policy restricting access of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to people in police custody.  Sanctuary Cities have a tremendous impact on the immigrant community and the state as a whole.  They have reduced deportations, kept families together, and created safer cities and towns.

HB1885 and efforts like it are a ploy by the powers that be to convince everyday citizens across our state that immigrants are the enemy – and therefore take attention off their own actions against the people, keep us divided into polarized political camps and prevent our unity. Put People First rejects this position. Healthcare is under attack, the environment is under attack, and jobs are under attack – and immigrants are not to blame. Immigrants are here because they are poor people, just like over 1 million people in PA. To understand why, read this article.

Put People First stands in solidarity with the New Sanctuary Movement (NSM). PPF supported NSM by having several members attend the October 24 action in Harrisburg and created two videos widely available while the vigil was still happening.
From the New Sanctuary Movement website:

“On Friday, Oct 21st, we held a ritual for Sukkot and All Night Vigil to take a strong stand against HB 1885.  During the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, we built a Sukkah and held a ritual to remind PA State Senators about the ancient values of hospitality and inclusion.  Then from 7pm to 7am, we held an all night prayer vigil outside during a cold, rainy and windy night.  Teams from different congregations brought prayers, songs and rituals throughout the night in order to send a firm message to PA State Senators to vote against this bill and for Governor Wolf to veto it.”

Check out videos from the vigil here:

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