29979547992_f513390f22_oIsabella (Bella) Oliveras is an amazing leader who recently joined the blossoming Johnstown organizing committee. About a dozen people from Johnstown made the trip to Harrisburg for the Membership Assembly on October 1-2. Bella brought warmth and passion to the membership assembly. She called us to action, and she implored us to keep fighting until everyone has their basic needs met, including healthcare. Now, Bella is crowdfunding for a much-needed motorized wheelchair and healthcare. We can join together and help Bella get the care that she needs but that the current system won’t give her.

Bella is a veteran and a former nurse and paramedic. She has several chronic illnesses and health conditions, including carpal tunnel and asthma, which make her manual wheelchair difficult to use. Her GoFundMe reads:

Unfortunately, insurance will not approve Bella’s dire need for a motorized wheelchair despite a clear and justified case for it. So please consider making a contribution today to help raise the required funds needed for the motorized wheelchair, which is estimated to cost a minimum of $14,000; and to support ongoing additional medical expenses and current needs related to wheel chair adjustments, significant dental work, and assistance with medical fees i.e. cost-prohibitive medication. I know you would agree that NO ONE should have to choose between putting food on the table vs. purchasing life-saving medicine!”

To pledge your support to Bella, go to Help Bella Bounce Back!


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