Human Rights

What do we need to live healthy, fulfilling lives? We need ways to provide for ourselves and our families that don’t harm other people or the planet. We need quality healthcare, education, and housing. We need healthy food, and a healthy environment. We need transportation and the ability to move and migrate on our own terms. These are the things we need, but the only way we can ensure we get them is to organize together around the strong belief that these are our rights. Our rights have always come from struggle.

Human Rights Principles

We believe that the systems we develop to ensure people’s needs are met should meet five basic principles. If any of these aren’t met, neither are our human rights.

  • Universality: Everyone in, nobody out.
  • Equity: Everyone contributes what they can and gets what they need.
  • Transparency: All information related to decision-making should be clear and accessible to all.
  • Accountability: The people are able to oversee and guide how the government is protecting and fulfilling our rights.
  • Participation: Everyone has a meaningful say in how decisions get made that impact us all.