Key Strategies

  • Policy campaigns: We are not a single-issue organization, but our campaigns help focus our energy and build our power. We engage in one campaign at a time.
  • Membership and base building: PPFPA is a membership organization that relies heavily on member participation. Members have decision-making power in our organization. 
  • Serving the community: We believe that we can and should help each other to meet our needs in the short term as we build power for the long term.
  • Leadership development: It is critical that we educate ourselves about the root causes of the conditions we face, as well as what we’re up against. We believe that no one charismatic leader is going to save us, and that we need a new definition of leadership for our time.
  • Telling our own stories: Our stories have the power to inspire us, connect us, and heal us. In order to come together across the boundaries that divide us, we must uplift and share our own stories.
  • Grassroots fundraising: In order to achieve our goals, everyone who is invested in winning our human rights must contribute what they can. If we rely on only a few sources of funding, we can never be independent.
  • Solidarity and movement building: All of our human rights are interconnected, and we need many organizations, networks and efforts working together to realize our rights. PPFPA supports these efforts around the state.