The Lancaster Healthcare Rights Committee of Put People First! PA held an action at Lancaster City Hall on Tuesday November 12th, they had great support from those in the community. A previous Lancaster City Mayor expressed he stands by the Lancaster HRC and wishes the city would address the issue of poverty more seriously, something he said he advocated for, for years. The Lancaster HRC was also joined by students and professors from Franklin & Marshall College and members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Leaders of the Lancaster Healthcare Rights Committee shared personal stories and expressed concerns regarding poverty in Lancaster County, showing the need to cross the urban and rural divide to fight the interlocking injustices. The Lancaster HRC’s goal was to put a face to poverty and move past just looking at statistics. They demanded poverty be a primary focus in 2020, demanded a public meeting be called to discuss poverty in the Lancaster community and demanded the Lancaster City administration keep their promise they made to the community on May 20th 2019, regarding the old St. Joseph’s Hospital.

#HealthcareIsAHumanRight #UniteThePoor #PoorPeoplesCampaign

Links to video of remarks and complete City Council Meeting footage:

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