For the 7th Annual Membership Assembly, the Pittsburgh HRC Beauty and Order team decided to design and assemble fabric banners for the opening ceremony and to decorate the Sanctuary where we held meetings on Saturday October 12th. For the opening ceremony, we displayed a banner: “All Our Health Is Interwoven” as we led the procession of members singing “Somebody’s Hurting Our Brother”. The Pittsburgh HRC also created a banner: “We Are The Medicaid Army”, with a background of fabric fists.

Members from the Mon Valley HRC helped us create bows and tabletop pipe-cleaner decorations in PPF-PA colors, red white & black. We used the banner and bow making time as organizing time – as we crafted banners, we also crafted relationships and politics! The Beauty and Order team was led by Olivia Robinson and Rica Phillips, with help from LaMetta Davis, Tisha Robinson, Penny Lynch, Ben Fiorillo & Barbara White. Below are a series of photos to capture the beautiful art that filled our space at the Membership Assembly.

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