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On July 5, 2020 the Lancaster Healthcare Rights Committee CoHosted an action with Party for Socialism and Liberation- Lancaster “End the Cruel Conditions in Lancaster County Prison” to protest the recent death of an inmate at the Lancaster County Prison (LCP). We were also joined by a speaker from the Lancaster NAACP chapter.  Luis Ortiz-Velazquez, a 71-year-old man, was held in LCP for three days prior to his death, he died due to the inhumane conditions within the prison and how they are conducting processing of inmates during the Covid-19 pandemic. Tammy, a member of Put People First! PA and the Coordinating Committee of the Pennsylvania Poor People’s Campaign: a National Call for Moral Revival shared testimony and stated our Covid-19 demands regarding those who are currently incarcerated. 

“When I heard about the death of Luis Ortiz-Velazquez I was extremely angry.

I was angry because Luis lost his life due to our sick system, his death could have been prevented. The system in which we live kills 700 hundred every day from poverty alone.” 

Covid-19 Demands for those who are incarcerated:

Release of prisoners awaiting trial without bond and grant clemency for all the aged 50+; release and provide free treatment for any prisoner affected by an immunodeficiency. Release prisoners with the supportive services they need to ensure transportation, food, shelter, and healthcare. Ensure all incarcerated and staff are provided with hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and medical care. Allow free calls to families. We endorse the demands of the Amistad Law Project, the Abolitionist Law Center and the coalition to abolish death by incarceration and the ACLU of Pennsylvania. 

To see full video to remarks click here

At today’s “End the Cruel Conditions in Lancaster County Prison” action hosted by Lancaster PSL and Co-Hosted by us the…

Posted by Put People First PA Lancaster Healthcare Rights Committee on Sunday, July 5, 2020

To see our Covid-19 statement and full list of demands click here www.putpeoplefirstpa.org/Coronavirus 

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