Put People First just came back from our fourth annual Membership Assembly in Harrisburg, PA. We spent the weekend discussing our campaigns, reflecting on what it means to be a member of PPF, sharing about gender power and gender oppression, and celebrating our victories and each other. We are invigorated for another powerful year fighting all across the state for our human right to healthcare!

Put People First is a multi-generational organization. Among the nearly 100 people who joined together in Harrisburg, 20 were children. These young people bring life and energy to our movement, and they help us stay grounded and remember what we’re fighting for. We are so happy for their presence and participation!

Azzare (age 10) has been to two membership assemblies. During our celebration on Saturday night, she talked to 26 different people and asked them each what their favorite part of PPF is. Thank you Azzare for your hard work reporting on this beautiful night! It’s so important for us to document the love and joy in our movement.


What is your favorite part of Put People First?

“How wonderful the people are.” – Ben

“That everyone gets to participate.” – R.

“Everything!” – Bahjah

“Meeting people from all over Pennsylvania.” – Zack

“That we are so powerful together.” – Noah

“The people, the energy, the commitment.” – Rebecca

“Everyone can be themselves.” – Maddie

“I love that it’s people of all ages.” – Anna


“I love the people, and everybody is so awesome!” – Menvekeh

“Being a big family” – Jacob

“The people.” – Kate

“Learning from other members’ stories.” – Ash

“How it brings people of different races, ethnicities, sexualities and religions together.” – Rick

“The people.” – Jamie L.

“Everyone I work with. Also, you can do it for free.” – Karim

“All the people.” – Danelle

“How it brings out self-respect and leadership.” – Sean

“Community.” – Mihir

“Family.” – Quinha

“The people.” – Jamie B.


“Connecting with everybody.” – Alex

“The community.” – Suzi

“The unity, love, support.” – Laile

“The best people take care of people.” – Dan

“People’s humility.” – Maní

“Working with people of all ages.” – Clarissa

Check back soon for more from the 2016 Membership Assembly!!

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