Request for Reflections: How the crisis affects you

The Media & Communications Team is looking for members to write reflections on the current pandemic crisis to post on the Put People First! PA website blog. We’re looking for personal stories on how you’re being affected and the organizing work you’re involved in with your HRCs/communities.

Share only what you’re comfortable with being public information and if your sharing about someone else as part of your reflection make sure they are ok with that. It doesn’t have to be long but if you could do a reflection of at least 2-3 paragraphs that would be great. Send reflections, picture of self (preferably in PPF-PA shirt 😉) and role within organization to Tammy at . Here are some reflection questions to help you write your reflection.

1.) Have you or someone you know been ill with symptoms of Covid-19 but was refused a test? What were the reasons given for refusing the test? What part of Pennsylvania did this happen and what was the name of the healthcare profiteer that refused the test?

2.) Have you or someone you know stopped being able to have access to needed healthcare services and or medications due to the pandemic? If so what is being denied and how does that affect the one being denied?

3.) What have you done in your locality to take action/make demands on the issues facing your community? Did you start a Facebook Covid-19 group? Did you do any actions? If so what kind of actions and what were the outcomes?

4.) What kind of roles do you have within Put People First! PA and how has this pandemic shifted your work and or role within the organization? Which recent gatherings and or actions have you taken part it on the state level with Put People First! PA and or the PA PPC? Describe your experience.

5.) How has this pandemic affected you personally on being able to meet your basic human needs? Are you out of work due to the pandemic? Are you able to keep up on your rent and or utilities past April? Has this pandemic affected you from accessing food or other necessities?

If you haven’t checked out PPF-PA’s demands (in English and Spanish) and signed our petition, head to!

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