Put People First! PA Leaders Reflect on the Poor People’s Campaign Moral Action Congress (Series)

By Savannah, Johnstown

Hello, my name is Savannah Kinsey Co- Coordinator of the Johnstown Healthcare Rights Committee, and part of the base building, and fundraising teams. After attending the Poor People’s Campaign Moral Action Congress in D.C, I along with a few others was asked to give a reflection. I think a majority of us would say the turnout was a great and a positive experience. 

For myself being there and being invited to something that huge with such a great turnout on Monday for the presidential Forum was a blessed opportunity, that I will forever be grateful for. On Tuesday many of us got to experience different workshops. I was amazed by how well the LGBTQ and women rights workshop was planned out. It was quite difficult to hear about all of the struggles that are faced in today’s society regarding homelessness, addiction, poverty, and the ways that they tie into the LGBTQ society. Listening to folks on the panel for that workshop definitely puts into perspective what women and LGBTQ folks face daily. 

Being asked to testify in front of the house budget committee was a huge deal. It felt so surprising to be face to face with people in power, having them listen to us for once. Getting to tell my story about the poverty and economic issues of Johnstown, Pennsylvania was sad yet electrifying. Being included among such strong leaders from other states especially Rev. Dr. Barber, and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis made me feel like I do have a say in politics. 

Having such a strong connection with the Poor People’s Campaign, it was definitely hard to listen to people in power right there at your fingertips tell you that what you are doing isn’t going to work. I am very grateful that I had my Poor People’s Campaign Family and Put People First Family right there by my side to help me get through being nervous and also to help me strive in becoming a better leader through this process. (​Complete footage of hearing here– Savannah speaks at 55:16)

Thank you,

Savannah Kinsey

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