Statement to Philadelphia & Pennsylvania Government Officials: We Won’t Let You Leave Our People Behind!

Images of organizations that endorsed demands

PPF-PF joined with various organizations this week to call on our city and state government to do more: Our immigrant communities, the poor, and the working class have always been left out of emergency aid, public relief, and rehabilitation programs. We will not stand by and allow history to repeat itself. As such, we as organizations from Philadelphia and across the state have come together to demand more. We call on you to serve those who are sustaining the essential needs of our society during this crisis AND we challenge you to use this moment as an opportunity for transformation.

This global pandemic has revealed to the greater public the structural inequality of day-to-day life that our people have long known and experienced on a daily basis. The old normal was never enough for us. We refuse to go back to the old normal. We urge our city and state officials to work with us to develop a multi-faceted plan of relief that intrinsically addresses the root issues of poverty, criminalization, incarceration, and the lack of access to adequate healthcare.

This is a growing declaration and list of demands for longstanding change to ensure the health, wellbeing, and autonomy of all our people. We are here to lay the groundwork for long-lasting change. To read the full list of demands go here.

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