Thank you! $1.6 MILLION in Medical Debt abolished!

Put People First! PA fundraised $16,000 to abolish medical debt for thousands in Western PA

Over the summer, Put People First! PA worked with RIP Medical Debt and Mark Fichman of Pittsburgh to absolve over $1,600,000 of medical debt from families struggling in Western PA. RIP Medical Debt is a non profit that buys medical debt from third party debt collectors at the cost of $1 to $100 of debt and absolves it. By fundraising $16,000, Put People First! PA freed over 1000 families in 18 counties – Allegheny, Washington, Greene, Butler, Westmoreland, Indiana, Armstrong, Beaver, Fayette, Jefferson, Lawrence, Mercer, Crawford, Erie, Clarion, Venango, Warren, and Forest – from the stress and harm of healthcare debt. Thank you to everyone who donated!

At Put People First! PA, we don’t believe that anyone should go broke paying for medical care. The US is the richest nation in the world, and we have more than enough to take care of everyone who lives here. Working people should get the same care as the rich. We should never have to choose between getting the care we need and having a roof over our head, transportation or food to eat. Medical bills are a leading cause of homelessness. To solve this problem, we need a universal healthcare system that puts people over profit and abolishes insurance companies that currently ration our care and have power over our lives. We are taking care of our people in the here and now by working to free ourselves from the crushing burden of medical debt. 

Families whose debt is absolved will receive information about Put People First! PA and be invited to join us in fighting for healthcare as a human right. Thank you to everyone who donated!

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