Join the Put People First! PA Medicaid Cut-Offs Organizing Drive!

Since April 1, 2023, Pennsylvania has already cut over 100,000 people off of Medicaid and intends to cut up to 1.2 million people. Take Action NOW to ensure we keep life-sustaining and life-saving medical care.

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Health Care is a Human Right!

A close-up on a group photo from PPF-PAs 2016 Membership Assembly

Put People First! PA is a vehicle for everyday people across Pennsylvania to unite, build our power, and claim our human rights.

We’re organizing across the state through our nine Healthcare Rights Committees and members in 17 counties.

We’re a human rights organization, and our current campaign is for the human right to health care: everyone deserves the care they need, when they need it, without going broke. There is enough for all of us – a truly universal health care system is possible. We need to organize to get it.

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Public Healthcare Advocate

New Report: A Public Healthcare Advocate for Pennsylvania

This Public Healthcare Advocate policy report arises from three years of statewide organizing by Put People First! PA and partners to build a vision for greater healthcare justice for all Pennsylvania residents.

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Building on our previous organizing victories, the Public Healthcare Advocate medium-term campaign, which we launched in 2018, represents a vision for more transparency, accountability, participation, equity and universality in Pennsylvania’s healthcare system.

Download the full report here.

This report draws on our members’ stories and extensive research to explain why we need a Public Healthcare Advocate in Pennsylvania, and lays out key policy principles to make sure that the Office of the Advocate is effective at meeting our needs and politically independent from profiteers.

Download the full report here.

We would like to thank all of our partner organizations – especially Partners for Dignity and Rights – for co-authoring this report. Please get involved in our fight to make a Public Healthcare Advocate a reality for Pennsylvania.