Request for Reflections: How the crisis affects you

The Media & Communications Team is looking for members to write reflections on the current pandemic crisis to post on the Put People First! PA website blog. We’re looking for personal stories on how you’re being affected and the organizing work you’re involved in with your HRCs/communities.

Share only what you’re comfortable with being public information and if your sharing about someone else as part of your reflection make sure they are ok with that. It doesn’t have to be long but if you could do a reflection of at least 2-3 paragraphs that would be great. Send reflections, picture of self (preferably in PPF-PA shirt 😉) and role within organization to Tammy at . Here are some reflection questions to help you write your reflection.

1.) Have you or someone you know been ill with symptoms of Covid-19 but was refused a test? What were the reasons given for refusing the test? What part of Pennsylvania did this happen and what was the name of the healthcare profiteer that refused the test?

2.) Have you or someone you know stopped being able to have access to needed healthcare services and or medications due to the pandemic? If so what is being denied and how does that affect the one being denied?

3.) What have you done in your locality to take action/make demands on the issues facing your community? Did you start a Facebook Covid-19 group? Did you do any actions? If so what kind of actions and what were the outcomes?

4.) What kind of roles do you have within Put People First! PA and how has this pandemic shifted your work and or role within the organization? Which recent gatherings and or actions have you taken part it on the state level with Put People First! PA and or the PA PPC? Describe your experience.

5.) How has this pandemic affected you personally on being able to meet your basic human needs? Are you out of work due to the pandemic? Are you able to keep up on your rent and or utilities past April? Has this pandemic affected you from accessing food or other necessities?

If you haven’t checked out PPF-PA’s demands (in English and Spanish) and signed our petition, head to!

Report from the Front lines on covid-19


On March 27th at 10 am Put People First! PA held a virtual rally and demand delivery to Governor Wolf calling on the state to:

  • Immediately re-open closed hospitals such as Hahnemann in Philadelphia, UPMC Pinnacle in Lancaster (Formerly St. Joseph’s), and UMPC Susquehanna Sunbury and keep them open after the crisis
  • Immediate direct production of Personal Protective Equipment for all healthcare workers and frontline workers
  • Immediately direct production of testing kits for everyone in PA
  • Immediately apply for a federal waiver to expand Medicaid to cover ever resident of PA
  • Immediately bring all private hospitals and healthcare facilities under public control for the duration of the crisis

Dozens of members from Wilkes Barre to Philadelphia to State College to the Mon Valley and everywhere in between joined the rally to break our isolation, share stories and make our voices heard! Stay tuned for more virtual actions and events! To read our full list of demands, and sign on as an individual or organization, visit:


The Lancaster HRC has been in the thick of the fight with battling the covid-19 pandemic. We have started a community Facebook discussion group to connect those in need to the needed resources available in the community and to share thoughts, concerns and political discussions and actions. We were able to get meals to those in need by partnering with Lancaster Food Not Bombs & Lancaster County Homeless Union on Saturday at Binns Park to share food, inform the unhoused on what is going on with the virus, resources they can utilize and how they can get join the movement. We also listened to their stories and connected with them on a deep level. We saw the pain and fear these beautiful people have. We are continuing to connect with the community through digital base building organizing. Many wonderful people are coming our way. They are beginning to see why we have fought so hard for the old St. Joe’s hospital. They are becoming aware of the pitfalls of a system that puts money over people. It is time for us all to stand together. —Matthew, CoCoordinator Lancaster HRC


As the pandemic has pushed many of Philadelphia’s residents indoors, members of our HRC are hard at work building a political center of gravity in our region. A big part of our work has involved connecting with our contacts in the region and making sure we are collectively able to meet our needs, and providing contacts with information about the virus and opportunities to connect to our organization. Our base is outraged at the response of the powers-that-be to this coronavirus crisis, and people are fired up about fighting back!

Thursday, members of the HRC are taking action at Hahnemann Hospital in order to expose the profiteering healthcare system that is set up to allow the ruling class to hold a hospital for ransom. We are calling on the Mayor and Governor to take extraordinary measures and seize Hahnemann from Joel Freedman–the real estate developer who bought the hospital to shut it down and flip it for a profit–and operate it as a public hospital immediately. In this time, when so many communities across the state are losing hospitals because of the greed of real estate tycoons and huge corporations, we are raising our voices to say that no one should be able to hoard a hospital, especially not when our city’s healthcare system is overwhelmed.
— Iaan and Jae, Co-Coordinators, Philly HRC

COVID-19 Decreasing Panic and Increasing Awareness / Disminuyendo el pánico y aumentando la conciencia

Español abajo

Symptoms are different for every body, could be: cough, fatigue, sore throat, and/or fever. Symptoms range from none (asymptomatic) to mild, moderate or severe. If it is difficult to breathe or you feel too weak to walk to the bathroom or drink enough water, then seek immediate medical care – contact a medical provider (if possible) or go directly to hospital. 

COVID-19 spreads through tiny drops of liquid from a person’s mouth or nose. The droplets are in the air and land on surfaces. The main defense against the virus is diligent hand washing for about 20 seconds. 

Physical Distancing aka Social Distancing 
Stay Home. Leave only for essential activities and stay 6 feet apart from people in public. This decreases risk of transmission.

Reliable Information
If you are looking for information about the virus, be cautious of the mass media. Information from the World Health Organization is best.

The dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic are not inevitable. 
The virus is not the only threat to our health. Stable housing, safe working conditions, and health care for the entire working class will keep us safe. 

To learn more go to

COVID-19 – Disminuyendo el pánico y aumentando la conciencia con Put People First, PA

COVID-19 se propaga por medio de pequeñas gotas de líquido que salen de la nariz o la boca de una persona. Estas gotas están en el aire y aterrizan sobre superficies. La principal defensa en contra del virus es lavarse diligentemente las manos por un mínimo de 20 segundos. 

Los síntomas se presentan de maneras diferentes en cada cuerpo, incluyendo: tos, fatiga, dolor de garganta y/o fiebre. Los síntomas varían desde aquellos que no presentan ningún síntoma (asintomáticos) pasando a síntomas leves, moderados y severos. Si es difícil respirar o se siente muy débil para ir al baño o tomar suficiente agua, entonces busque atención médica de inmediato – contacte un proveedor de servicios médicos (si es posible) o vaya directamente a un hospital.

Si está buscando información sobre el virus, sea cauteloso de manera activa frente a los medios de información masivos. Es mejor revisar la información de la Organización Mundial del Salud (OMS/ WHO).

Quédese en casa y practique el distanciamiento físico (también conocido como distanciamiento social). Salga de casa solo por razones esenciales y mantenga una distancia de 6 pies (2 metros) de otras personas. Esto disminuye el riesgo de transmisión. 

Los riesgos de la pandemia COVID-19 no son inevitables. El virus no es la única amenaza a nuestra salud. Tener vivienda estable, condiciones de trabajo seguras y servicio de atención médica para toda la clase trabajadora garantizarán nuestro bienestar. 

Para aprender más, visite 

The Community Care Team is continuing our weekly virtual-social events through the month of April:

Movie Nights (Thursday Evenings)
Join to enjoy a movie and optional discussion! We will alternate between “Family Movie Nights” featuring kid-friendly fun films, and movies with a political education theme. Feel free to include your household for these free screenings! This works best for those with video call capabilities, so please reach out if you have questions about how to connect through your smartphone, tablet or computer. If you have questions or movie suggestions, contact Stacey Padilla at or Jacob Butterly at

April 2nd at 6:30pm: Family Movie Night — “Ratatouille”
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Video Potlucks (Fridays 7:30-9pm)
Join a casual call to make or eat dinner in community. You can share recipes, show off culinary skills (or lack thereof!), do the dishes, or just enjoy a relaxed environment with friends. This month we are experimenting with different forms of virtual entertainment, like including group singing and video charades! If you have any questions or suggestions for activities, contact Stacey Padilla.
Fridays, April 3rd, 10th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th

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