Every Monday Put People First! PA and the Nonviolent Medicaid Army are sharing our stories on dental care and Medicaid. Click here for background on our 5 year dental campaign and why we need action now!

Share your story to demand #Medicaid4All #WeNeedOurTeeth !

Take a selfie and post it with hashtags #MedicaidMondays #WeNeedOurTeeth #Medicaid4All 

Share a couple sentences or a brief video about your experience with dental care or Medicaid and post it with hashtags #MedicaidMondays #WeNeedOurTeeth #Medicaid4All 

–> What have your experiences with medicaid/welfare been?
–> Why is medicaid important to you and your family?
–> When was the last time you got dental care?
–> How has not being able to get dental care impacted your life (for example, your health, your ability to get a job. etc)?
–> How would your life be different if the dental benefit were in Medicaid/if dental care was a human right?

Tag Put People First! PA or send photos and links to Jen at saulelydis75@gmail.com or Harrison at harrisonjfarina@gmail.com to repost on NVMA & PPF-PA social media.

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