Lancaster: Projects of Survival and Direct Action

Throughout August and into September the Lancaster Healthcare Rights Committee has been working hard to expand their “Projects of Survival” plan by taking direct action and organizing local fundraisers to get their donated van inspected and support one of their food distribution partners, Chef Oliver Saye, who has established a “Pay It Forward” program to both sustain his business and provide food for families in need in times of Covid-19. 

They fundraised a total of $1,650 dollars for their van, $220 dollars so far for Oliver’s “Pay it Forward” program and they made new contacts through their “Projects of Survival” survey. Simultaneously they have taken direct action by organizing a march against state violence, a call to action to several City Council meetings about the UPMC rezoning petition for st. Joseph’s hospital and stood with partner organizations in calling out the inhumane and deadly conditions at the Lancaster County Prison. 

We will be announcing other “Projects of Survival” events in the near future, follow the Lancaster Healthcare Rights Committee page on Facebook to stay up to date with information on how you can get involved. If you have needs or want to become a partner please take some time to fill out our “Projects of Survival” Survey… see link ?

Click here for the survey!

To make a donation to Oliver’s “Pay it Forward” program to help people facing food insecurity ?please see link here.

Visit Lancaster HealthCare Rights Committee’s Facebook Page here.

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