Have you ever read over the Letter to the Editor section in a newspaper and thought: “How the heck did that get published?!” Well we have, too! The thing is good writing and an important message alone won’t get you published. There is a formula for writing a letter to the editor. They’re clear, captivating, and most importantly brief! 

Letters to the Editor are a strategy PPF-PA uses to promote our message to a wider audience, get the word out about upcoming events, and develop our leaders. And for our upcoming Medicaid Marches we want healthcare rights committees to start their own letter to the editor campaigns. Our goal: each HRC submits at least two letters to the editor to local media outlets.

So to share some tips and tricks on writing a successful letter to the editor, the Media and Communications team facilitated two workshops last week for PPF-PA members. We talked about the importance of media making, shared strategies, and experimented writing our own letters to the editor. Couldn’t make the workshops? No worries! You can read all about writing letters to the editors for our Medicaid Marches in this handy guide.

If you have any questions or to let us know you submitted a LTE, contact Rachel from the Media & Communications team: ishikawa.rachel@gmail.com .

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