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Southwest PA Healthcare Rights Committee leader, Barbara White, had this Letter to the Editor published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on April 9th, 2023.

Medicaid disaster

9 Apr 2023

Thank you for “The Elder Law Guys: the Pandemic pause on Medicaid eligibility is about to end” (Mar. 27). This will be terrible for many people on Medicaid, especially those not aware of it. In Pennsylvania, 1.2 million people could be dropped from the program and wrongly lose their healthcare. Many can’t afford the deductibles for “Affordable”Care Act plans.

Healthcare is a human right, even though we don’t respect thatright in this country.

I’ve been on Medicaid and ACA, and Medicaid was better. The ACA made me poor. I am now on Medicare. I’m excluded from Medicaid as my Medicare supplement, because my income is slightly too high. I spend most of what I saved for retirement on “out of pocket” medical costs, so I’m shopping for groceries at the food bank, and glad it’s there! But the medical system has impoverished me. It always demandsmore money from us.

Please understand that we’re in poverty not due to individual mistakes or laziness. Poverty is a systemic problem in this country. T the kinds of policy decisions in December that will cause people to lose their healthcare. Poverty will now increase in our state & nationwide.


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