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We who are on or excluded from Medicaid will converge on Harrisburg to bring our voices, needs and demands together and deliver our petition to Governor Shapiro and Secretary Arkoosh.
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Preparing for the Nonviolent Medicaid Army Week of Action

Join us on Saturday September 9th for a National Prep & Pep Rally to prepare for the Nonviolent Medicaid Army’s National Week of Action from September 17th to 23rd.

The Nonviolent Medicaid Army (NVMA) National Week of Action is a coordinated week of actions across the NVMA network of organizations of those on or excluded from Medicaid all over the country.  

This year’s Week of Action is centered on connecting across difference sharing stories from people all across the country, in both “blue” and “red” states who are impacted by the bipartisan decision to cut 24 million people or more off of Medicaid as pandemic protections come to an end. We will hold both parties accountable for taking away healthcare from millions of people across the country and for the life threatening conditions this is already causing. And to highlight those making money off of our sickness and death and we will amplify our common struggle for healthcare as a human right as we continue to build our movement nationwide.

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Or to call in, Dial: 646 558 8656 (US Toll), then enter Meeting ID: 548 395 7623

The Nonviolent Medicaid Army National Week of Action September 17-23 – Media Spokesperson and Speakers’ Prep Training

Join us for Nonviolent Medicaid Army’s Media Spokesperson training Tuesday, September 12th 7 to 8:30pm

The National Nonviolent Medicaid Army is holding a media spokesperson & speakers training to practice telling our stories in order to be speakers and/ or to be interviewed by the press as part of the upcoming national Nonviolent Medicaid Army (NVMA) Week of Action from September 17-23

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Caravan Against the Cuts!

Sign up to join our Caravan!

Up to 1.2 million people could lose Medicaid in Pennsylvania. Over 100,000 have already been cut!!!Put People First! PA is fighting back. The week of September 17th is a National Week of Action for healthcare and Medicaid with the Nonviolent Medicaid Army. We will be leaving from 5 regions on September 19th/20th and convening in Harrisburg on the 20th.

All are welcome, and cost should not be a barrier. Put People First! PA has raised funds for transportation, food, childcare, accommodations and other needs. Reach out to us at 484-619-2306 with questions.

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To participate you must sign up for the caravan here:

Attend the action near you!

Members in our Health Care Rights Committees across the state are preparing actions for the upcoming Week of Action to demand an end to the Medicaid cut-offs, unveil our Medicaid stories quilt, and send off a caravan to Harrisburg to deliver our petition to the Governor to let him know that Medicaid matters to us and our families and why Medicaid cuts = death!

Attend the action near you!
On Tuesday September 19th at 6:00 pm Central Appalachia Healthcare Rights Committee are gathering at First Lutheran Church in Johnstown. RSVP
On Tuesday, September 19th at 6:00 pm North East Healthcare Rights Committee we’re gathering in Berwick, Columbia county in front of the closed Berwick Hospital. RSVP
South Central
On Wednesday September 20th at 9:00 am South Central Healthcare Rights Committee are gathering in Reservoir Park, located in Lancaster City. RSVP
On Tuesday September 19th at 12:00 pm South West Healthcare Rights Committee are gathering at the corner of Biddle Ave. and South Braddock Ave near Frick Park. RSVP
On Tuesday September 19th at 5:00 pm Southeast Healthcare Rights Committee are taking action outside of Delaware County Memorial Hospital. RSVP

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