Today, PPF members delivered 500 signatures from Pennsylvanians in 26 counties who are requesting a public hearing before any new rate increases on Affordable Care Act/Marketplace (Obamacare) plans are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance.

Also today, insurance companies’ initial requests for rate increases were made public here. As you can see, increases of up to 48% are requested. We want a lot more people to know this information so please spread the word about this site.IMG_20160525_120629095_TOP


Sean and Nijmie on the road to Harrisburg. “500 + say YES to a Public Hearing”


Rich of the York Organizing Committee shows David Buono, the Insurance Department’s Consumer Liaison a map with stickers on the 26 counties where residents¬†are calling for a public hearing.

Below, Zack displays the heap of petition signatures as we talk to David. David asked us to pass along huge thanks to all the work that went into creating this effort and the many conversations and stories shared along the way.

Our conversation was friendly but we know that the increasing cost of care is a life and death issue in our communities. We are serious about real participation in and accountability for the decisions that impact our lives.

We let him know that we’re not finished until the PID joins the 500 in saying YES to a #PIDratehearing. Look out for next steps in your e-news and sign up for PPF e-mails to stay in the loop!


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