On June 8th the Put People First! PA South Central Healthcare Rights Committee joined the “Peace in the Streets Block Party” at Culliton Park in Lancaster, PA organized by the Kendall Movement, dedicated to Kendall Cook and all those who lost their lives due to gun violence, Paying it Forward, a charity organization that offers food boxes and SOWE, a Lancaster City neighborhood group. 

We joined the event to engage in conversations about the Medicaid Cut-offs Organizing Drive and offer help with state benefit sign ups & renewals and register people for our upcoming Project of Survival where we will be providing transportation to a free dental clinic in Reading PA June 21st & 22nd which is being organized by Mission of Mercy (MOM-n-PA).

We had a great time being with the community while developing our 4 Cs of leadership. The organizing conversations we had were amazing! We talked about how life would be different if we were guaranteed our human rights to things such as healthcare & housing. We discussed our theory of change and how the poor and dispossessed have the power to create the fundamental change we need to save us.

With a looming housing market crash and inflation at an all time high, the skyrocketing cost of healthcare is more than we can bear. We demand the reinstatement of the adult dental benefit back in medicaid, a stop to medicaid cuts in, expansion of benefit eligibility and the creation of the office of a Public Healthcare Advocate to fight for us NOT the healthcare profiteers!

Join us in the fight for our human rights and an end to poverty! Join us and become a Poverty Abolitionist!

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