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On April 23, 2023, The Philadelphia Inquirer published Southeast PA Healthcare Rights Committee Leader, Harrison Farina’s Letter to the Editor.

Medicaid checks

On April 1, our state resumed Medicaid eligibility checks, potentially cutting off more than a million Pennsylvanians from their Medicaid. The checks were suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, but now they’re back, and it is estimated that 15 million people nationwide may be disenrolled. As a Medicaid recipient, I am terrified. If I lose my health care, I will not be able to afford mental health treatment. I rely on Medicaid and now must go back to proving over and over that I need it. We know the state has enough to provide everyone with health care. Cutting Medicaid will create a public health crisis that will exacerbate the crisis of hospital closures in Southeast Pennsylvania over the past year. If you’re a Medicaid recipient, concerned you may lose your coverage, and wish to get involved in fighting for your right to health care and that of others, please reach out to your representatives.

Harrison Farina, Philadelphia

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