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Medicaid Mondays: Story Share Social Media Campaign 2023 with the Put People First! PA and the Nonviolent Medicaid Army

Every Monday, Medicaid recipients or those unfairly excluded from Medicaid are posting on social media to briefly share their story about why Medicaid is important to them and or why it’s important to expand Medicaid to all residents. 

This is part of Put People First! PA’s Medicaid Cut-offs Organizing Drive. The Social Media Campaign began on April 3 and will continue throughout the 2023 Organizing Drive.

Share your story! For a more in depth guide on how to participate see here:

Monday April 24th will be our next Medicaid Monday! Use one of the graphics below and add your story to the post. Please use the hashtags #Medicaid4All and #NoMedicaidCutsPA 

????Make the invisible visible
????Change the narrative by changing the narrator
????You are not alone!

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Anita Knisely-Durham
1 in 4 Americans are on Medicaid (89m to 320m)
1 in 4 Pennsylvanians are on Medicaid (3.2m of 12+m)
There should be #NoMedicaidCutsPA
There is no good reason to take away the ability for millions of people to get treatment and care. Not a single person should be cut from this life-saving program. I and many other people like me simply can’t afford ACA premiums on the wages I receive, and when prices everywhere are going up, more people are gonna find that true. Medicaid gives me hope that I can manage my health as a young adult without going into further debt or going uninsured with multiple present and looming conditions like depression, anxiety, and a family history of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. To rob any person of that little peace of mind when the world is getting tougher is inhumane. #Medicaid4All











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