“Pulse has shown us how vital our mission is, how necessary.”

Across the country these past few weeks, members of every community have felt the pain rippling from Orlando, Florida after the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub. 49 beautiful and unique individuals, mostly from the LBGTQ community, and mostly Latino, lost their lives to hatred, fear, and ignorance, combined with gunfire. Many more were injured. We stand in solidarity today — and moving forward — with our siblings across communities, holding hands across our differences. When we unite, when we support each other in and through struggle, we can give each other the strength we need to continue on. When we share compassion and support, we can give each other the courage to rebuild.

We do this work because we believe we can change what is possible. We have learned to love without reservation. We have committed to advocate for those who may not be able to advocate for themselves. Pulse has shown us how vital our mission is, how necessary. Be of good courage, even in the face of this tragedy. This family, this community, has the power to heal our world.

Look out soon for new writing from LGBTQ members of PPF!PA.

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