An interview with Mark Dudzic of the Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare

What’s an easy way to define “single-payer” health care that everyone can understand?

When you ask the American people what kind of health care system they deserve, most will agree that healthcare should be treated as a public good like firefighting, libraries and schools, not as a for-profit business.  They want seamless, cradle to grave coverage as a birthright for everyone in America.  They want no financial barriers to care and a single standard of quality healthcare for everyone in America.  Every nation in the world that has achieved those standards has done so through some form of a single-payer system.  It would work pretty much like Medicare works for Americans over 65.  Everyone is eligible.  The government collects the revenues through an equitable and progressive financing arrangement and pays all the bills.  You are free to choose your own health care providers and you and your providers make all the decisions regarding your care. Read More

 NEPA Pride

“On August 11, 2014 Put People First! PA in the Northeast held our first tabling event at the NEPA Pridefest at Kirby Park in WIlkes Barre. Members Paul Deppen, Brad and Gail Artley, Alia Trindle and Nijmie Dzurinko worked together for a very successful event. Over 70 people took the health care pledge, and 7 signed up on the spot for membership. We’ve been following up with all the people we’ve met to build relationships and keep them connected with Put People First. The response has been very positive and energizing. We had a gathering over coffee this past Saturday at a local Bakehouse in Kingston, PA. We have more outreach events planned for the coming weeks, and are building relationships with local partners. I must say I am very excited by the positive response we are receiving from everyone I speak to.” — Deb, NE PA Field Organizer


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